“We always choose EVA Optic for LED lighting in swimming halls,
changing facilities and other wet areas.”

Maintaining swimming pools for 30 years and paying the energy bill, Hellebrekers does it.

“A swimming pool in which municipalities manage and provide energy themselves is an open book,” says manager Erik Keyl of Hellebrekers. In contrast to the Netherlands, where construction and operation are often tendered separately, many Belgian municipalities opt for a DBFMO agreement.

This is a total approach in which the design (Design), construction (Build), financing (Finance) and maintenance (Maintain) and operation (Operate) of the swimming pool is outsourced to one party. Who receives a periodic remuneration for this, depending on the performance.

The Vita Group (Cordeel, Slangen+Koenis and Hellebrekers) entered into the DBFMO agreement with the municipality of Middelkerke. For the design, construction and operation of the new swimming pool and sports center Vita Krokodiel.

Hellebrekers opts for EVA Optic
Keyl says: “Because we have been responsible for the techniques for thirty years, we choose products and companies that we are sure will serve us well for thirty years. We always opt for EVA Optic for LED lighting in swimming halls, changing facilities and other wet areas.” This is also the case in Middelkerke, where black anodized linear lighting and underwater lighting have been used for the sports and instruction pool. For the sports and instruction pool, in addition to linear lighting and RGBW underwater lighting, the choice also fell on downlights and astro wall fixtures.

Trust in quality
With the lighting from EVA Optic, Hellebrekers knows that it can rely on years of quality and that it also fulfills its own promises. Such as the quality and performance agreements that the Vita Groep made with the municipality of Middelkerke for Vita Krokodiel. Keyl: “Every five years we have to demonstrate that the technology is still at a good quality level. And at the end of the 30 years too.”

Saving energy is worth money
This approach not only entails certainty for Hellebrekers, but also risks. For example, the technical service provider from Nunspeet (NL) and Temse (BE) is responsible for Vita Krokodiel’s annual energy bill. “If we use less energy than we forecast, it will be divided between VITA and the municipality,” explains Keyl. “With those proceeds we can invest to become even more energy efficient. If EVA Optic comes up with even more energy-efficient lighting in 10 years’ time, that will be very interesting for us.”

Thirty years of clarity
What does the long-term comprehensive approach of the Vita Group mean to the municipality of Middelkerke? Clarity, insight and convenience says Keyl. “The municipality sets the preconditions. Think of the rates and opening conditions, the program of requirements, the annual costs and the quality standards. That way she knows exactly where she stands for the next thirty years.”

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