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Swimming pool experience

EVA Optic

EVA Optic develops innovative products for swimming pools. From LED lighting above and under water to versatile swimming machines; fully developed and produced in-house in the Netherlands. We know the complicated world of swimming pools like no other. With our specialist knowledge and expertise, we create solutions for a fantastic swimming experience. At home in your own residential pool, in public pools, subtropical water parks and even in Olympic level accommodations.

EVA LED underwater lighting

We have developed a complete product range of powerful, reliable, energy-efficient, and most of all beautifully designed LED underwater lights to create the perfect swimming pool experience. EVA underwater pool lights evenly illuminate any pool, big or small.


The EVAstream counter-current machine instantly transforms any swimming pool into a professional training pool, home fitness and unique water attraction. Swim as you would in a regular 25-meter pool. Only now at home, in your own swimming pool.

EVA LED linear lighting

Our LED linear lighting illuminates all active pool zones at an asymmetrical angle of 30 or 40 degrees. Safe, effective and even illumination in and around the pool, without any disturbing glare. Optimal visibility for both swimmers and supervisors.

Specialist in the swimming pool environment

We focus on the demanding swimming pool environment where heat, moisture and chlorine fumes place heavy demands on every product. By continually expanding our knowledge and utilizing new technologies, we shift the boundaries of what’s common in the swimming pool market. We love the challenge of developing new and innovative solutions, making products that far surpass others in terms of quality, perfomance and sustainability.

Safety is paramount

Our products are designed, developed and manufactured in our own facilities in the Netherlands and meet stringent national and international standards for electrical safety and material usage in swimming pools and water parks.

With a proven track record of exceptional quality, we offer a 4-year warranty on our lighting solutions and a 2-year warranty on our EVAstream

Continuous innovation

We believe in focus, creativity and drive because that’s what ultimately results in the best products. This is why we also continue to optimize our existing products. New techniques and technologies provide new possibilities. More light, better colour rendering, more power, an improved swimming experience, more efficient control, and new materials; we continue to look for ways to improve our products.

Battery powered counter current swimming machine

NEW: Meet the EVAstream Move

Turn any ordinary swimming pool into a state-of-the-art training facility, your personal fitness haven! Now, you can enjoy the benefits of swimming in a standard 25-meter pool, right in the comfort of your own backyard. Without having to renovate your entire pool first.

All the benefits of the EVAstream, but now wireless plug & play and applicable in any pool. Since the EVAstream Move operates on a battery, it can be used anywhere and anytime. The turbine derives its energy from the battery, allowing for at least 1 hour of swimming at full speed. The battery pack can then be recharged using a 230V power outlet.

High-end in-house production

From concept to drawing board, and from prototype and re-design to a final working product, everything is carried out at high speed and in-house. That is our approach. From our own manufacturing location in Zwartsluis (the Netherlands), we engineer and produce safe and sustainable, qualitative products for the demanding swimming pool and sports environments.

Maximum flexibility
We have invested considerably in advancing our production facilities. Not only to improve product performance and efficiency but also to maintain a maximum flexibility when it comes to product availability and delivery times. Manufacturing in-house means that we can keep our price levels optimally stable. It also makes us less dependant on suppliers, maximizing our influence on a reliable product supply chain.

Questions or advice?

Are you interested in one of our solutions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our specialists will be glad to tell you about our products and give you customized advice.