We are EVA Optic

For over a decade, EVA Optic has been the leading expert in both underwater and above water professional LED lighting for swimming pools. A number of years ago we added our powerful EVAstream counter-current swimming machine to the range. The EVAstream transforms small residential pools into professional training pools.

“Our focus is specifically on demanding swimming pool environments where heat, moisture and chlorine fumes place a heavy demands on every product.”

It is in environments like swimming pools that we see an incredible challenge because we set the bar high. We want to show that we can develop innovative products for demanding environments such as these, products that far surpass other products on the market in terms of quality and sustainability. That is what we are good at and what we most enjoy.

EVA Optic’s Continuous innovation

We are innovators. We believe in focus, creativity and drive because that’s what ultimately results in the best products. That is why we also continue to develop our existing product range. New techniques and technologies provide new possibilities.

More light, better colour rendering, more power, an improved swimming experience, more efficient control, and new materials; we continue to look for ways to improve our products further so our customers can continue to enjoy the best the market has to offer.

High-end production in-house

From idea to drawing board, from prototype and re-design to working end product. All rapidly and in-house. That is our all-in approach. From our in-house production location in Zwartsluis (the Netherlands) we engineer and produce safe and durably qualitative products for demanding swimming and sports environments. Without being constrained by how things are usually done in the market.

EVA Optic’s Complete control

Pick & place department

We strive for complete control of every part of the production process. We have our own Pick & Place department, where we produce our LED printed circuit boards and electronic components. Which are then thoroughly checked in the X-Ray machine down to component level. Everything for the very best quality so our customers can enjoy our products carefree for years to come.

Maximum flexibility

We have invested considerably in advancing our production facilities. Not only to improve product performance and efficiency but also to maintain a maximum flexibility when it comes to product availability and delivery times. Manufacturing in-house means that we can keep our price levels optimally stable. It also makes us less dependant on suppliers, maximizing our influence on a reliable product supply chain.

Environmental footprint

Swimming pools and sports facilities are major consumers of electricity. Lighting plays an important part in this. Our LED lighting saves a lot of energy and reduces CO2 emissions. And because we make our products as solid and durable as possible, you will save energy and costs (including for maintenance) for many years to come.

Recyclable components

We make our products with sustainable product components and as many recyclable materials as possible. This is how we limit waste to the bare minimum.


Our luminaires are made of aluminium. Recycling aluminum only takes 5% of the energy needed to produce new aluminum. 98% of the aluminum produced is still in active service.


With our revision kits, an EVA lighting system can be revised for a new lifecycle. EVAline LED linear lighting can be refitted with new LEDs, a new driver or a new cover. After revision, the EVA LED lighting system is ready for a new lifetime.

“Our aim is a production process that is as clean as possible, in line with the energy-saving performance of our products”

During the entire production process, we limit our impact on the environment to an absolute minimum. From product development to transport, all largely provided by regional suppliers. We aim to prevent unnecessary CO2 emissions.

Safety first

All our products meet stringent national and international standards for electrical safety and material usage in swimming pools and water parks, including NEN NPR 9200:2015 and IEC EN 60598-2-18 for electrical safety and water resistance. EVA Optic’s LED swimming pool lighting is also specially designed for long-term fault-free use in these environments.

Questions or advice?

We will be happy to advise you!

Are you interested in one of our solutions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our specialists will be glad to tell you about our products and give you customized advice for your project.

EVA Optic is partner of the Pool of Support of Dutch swimming federation KNZB

The Pool of Support consists of companies that are active in the swimming pool industry, have a warm heart for swimming and want to contribute to taking the top sports programs of the swimming association to an even higher level.

The parties involved have all the relevant knowledge to continue to innovate swimming pools. From an involved network, we work together to take every project a new step: always making swimming pools one step better than yesterday. By working together on this, people benefit from each other and each other’s network, making the Pool of Support interesting for companies that are active in and around the construction of swimming pools. The Pool of Support forms one partner of the KNZB, in addition to the existing partners Nederlandse Loterij, TeamNL and Arena.