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High-quality LED swimming pool lighting

Lighting solutions for inside and outside the pool

Safe, sustainable, high-quality swimming pool lighting products for enjoying carefree moments of comfort, fun and athletic achievements. That’s EVA Optic. We are proud to be the leading expert in both underwater and above water professional LED pool lighting. Our swimming pool lighting is used in more than 600 public swimming pools and waterparks, as well as thousands of residential pool projects throughout Europe and beyond.

Underwater pool lighting

Powerful, reliable, energy efficient and most of all beautifully designed. That is our LED underwater lighting. All of our underwater swimming pool lights are designed with the newest generation of high-efficiency power LEDs and prime materials for a new level of quality. You can find our underwater swimming pool lighting in commercial pools, waterparks, multifunctional facilities and residential pools.

LED linear lighting

The EVAline Aqua HE (Harsh Environment) LED linear lighting system is specially designed to offer supervisors a clear overview, while monitoring pool safety and creating a pleasant experience for each and every swimmer. It can be placed asymmetrical, symmetrical and with extra wide luminaires in order to optimally illuminate the active zones of the pool area.

Multicolour swimming pool lighting

Multicoloured RGBW pool lighting is one of our areas of expertise. With its powerful and even illumination, EVA atmospheric lighting creates a true metamorphosis. Not a small bundle of colour but the entire area completely and evenly illuminated in every conceivable colour.

From private to public pools

Our swimming pool lighting is used in public swimming pools, waterparks, multifunctional facilities as well as private pools. Our swimming pool lights have the power to evenly illuminate the largest competition pools. And enhances the allure of every private pool. Even more so by adding the multicoloured LED lighting.

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Exclusive supplier Center Parcs

Since 2011, EVA Optic has been the exclusive supplier of underwater LED pool lighting to the Groupe Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs in Europe. Currently, nearly all of the European subtropical swimming pools have been equipped with EVA underwater LED pool lighting.

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In-house production of swimming pool LED lights

The durable quality pool lights of EVA Optic is fully designed, developed and manufactured in our own facilities in Zwartsluis, the Netherlands. From idea to drawing board, from prototype and re-design to working end product. All rapidly and in-house.

Safety is key
Our swimming pool lighting meets all stringent national and international safety standards for use in swimming pools. For underwater lighting this includes the NEN NPR 9200:2015 and IEC EN 60598-2-18 standards. For our LED line lighting we work with certified fastening materials from PoolFIX®.

4-year warranty on swimming pool lighting
Because of our proven quality level, we offer a 4-year warranty on our LED swimming pool lights.

Contact us for advice

Do you have special wishes regarding the lighting of your swimming pool? We like to think along and share our expertise with you. Don’t hesitate to contact us for advice of swimming pool lighting.


What are the different colour options available for LED pool lights?2023-11-20T11:37:06+01:00

The available color options depend on the model you choose. For example, the SubAqua 25W and 40W MONO are available in warm white, clear white or mediterranean. The SubAqua 25W and 40W RGBW are available in multicolour warm white or multicolour clear white.

How do LED lights compare to traditional pool lighting in terms of energy efficiency and cost?2023-11-20T11:36:35+01:00

Comparing LED pool lights to traditional pool lighting:

  • The energy consumption of LED lighting is on average 50 to 70% lower than fluorescent and gas discharge lighting.
  • The lifespan of LED lighting is 5 to 10 times higher.
  • The annual energy and maintenance costs are 90% lower.
  • The investment in LED lighting is therefore recouped on average within 2 to 3 years.
What are the benefits of using LED underwater lighting in pools?2023-11-20T11:36:10+01:00

LED underwater lighting in a pool offers energy savings benefits, in addition to aesthetic and functional benefits such as creating an inviting atmosphere while requiring minimal maintenance. Therefore, pool lights in LED are a versatile and popular choice for pool owners.


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