Optimal swim experience

The pleasure of swimming and the quality of your training experience depend on the correct installation of the swimming machine. When it is not installed in the right position or if the swimmer is not at the correct distance from the machine, the flow will feel unpleasant and will not produce the desired effect.

Consider the swimming experience during the design phase

In order to create the optimal swimming experience, it is important to carefully plan the positioning of the EVAstream with respect to ladders and platforms. Such “obstacles” could cause a negative swimming experience.

EVA Optic - Optimal installation
EVA Optic - Optimal installation

Obstructed water circulation

Suppose you have placed stairs in the left corner of the short side of the pool and positioned the EVAstream on the opposite short side, nicely aligned in the centre. The result is that the flow circulation is not the same on both sides of the pool because the stairs affect the flow. The EVAstream’s output will still be powerful, but the swimmer will experience an uneven flow.

EVA Optic - Optimal installation

The pitfalls of asymmetrical placement

When the turbine is not symmetrically positioned in the pool, the flow will be unevenly distributed across the pool. The power of the EVAstream remains unaffected, but it generates a whirlpool-like effect in the centre of the pool.

Correct placement and installation of the turbine

EVA Optic - Optimal installation

The swimming experience depends significantly on the correct installation of the turbine, in addition to the placement of the EVAstream with respect to other pool elements. By placing the turbine at exactly the right height, you ensure that the flow reaches the swimmer’s chest.

By placing the turbine at the ideal height, we ensure that the flow reaches the swimmer’s torso and not the head. We recommend placing the turbine 25 centimetres below the surface of the water. At this position, the horizontal adjustment of the turbine is ideal. The turbine can be adjusted as desired, with a maximum downward tilt of 2 degrees and an upward tilt of 3 degrees.

The swimmer must be able to breathe freely when swimming, and experience a broad, steady flow covering the entire body. Most of the flow should be felt on the swimmer’s upper body.

Determining the swimming zone

Many users choose EVAstream because of the optimal swimming zone where they can freely move as if they were swimming in a 25-meter swimming pool. They also choose it because of the powerful yet pleasant flow that challenges them to push their limits up a notch. The swimmer positions him/herself about 2 meters from the turbine (head-to-turbine distance) in order to become familiar with the flow. The swimmer can then find the centre of the flow, where there is freedom to move comfortably.

Mounting and installation of EVAstream

Do you want ensure that the EVAStream has been correctly installed? Consult our mounting video. It will guide you along the various stages of the mounting procedure, and we provide useful tips for an optimal installation.