EVAstream – Pool Experience

Big, small, existing, or new: every swimming pool can be transformed into a fantastic home fitness setup. You will need four elements for this:

1. EVAstream turbine
2. EVA Experience web app
3. EVA RGBW LED underwater lighting
4. EVA Piëzo control

1. EVAstream turbine

Counter current swimming machine

A powerful flow is needed for a proper workout in the swimming pool, and EVAstream excels at that. It is the most powerful turbine on the market. While other swimming pool machines use a straight outlet in their turbines, the EVAstream features a restricted flow outlet. As a result, the EVAstream’s flow rate is at least 50% higher than that of other counter-current swimming machines.

“This sounds good but why is a higher flow necessary?” you may ask. This flow not only feels more comfortable, but it also makes it possible to swim further away from the machine. This gives swimmers all the space they need to accelerate without having to get too close to the machine. This makes the EVAstream safer, more challenging, and more comfortable than other turbines.

2. An App for a challenging and customized swimming workout

Everyone has their own swimming preferences. One person will use home fitness to work on his/her cardio-vascular condition, while another may want to build up muscle strength and endurance. That is why EVAstream users can customize their favourite swimming workouts using the EVA Experience web app. They can select from a number of options: sprint training (18 minutes), short interval training (24 minutes), long interval training (37 minutes) and endurance training (48 minutes). In this way, each user can experience a training programme adapted to his or her pace and level. These training programmes have been drawn up by experienced swimmers in collaboration with professional swimming trainers.

Use the EVA Experience web app
The EVA Experience web app allows the user to control the pool lighting in addition to choosing a suitable training program. Watch the how-to video to install the app.

3. The EVA LED under water lighting provides guidance

For more effective training, EVAstream users can connect the EVAstream to underwater lighting. The lighting guides the swimmers during the training by changing colours and flashing. In this way, swimmers can follow the training intuitively.

How it works?
Every exercise is divided into three sections with corresponding colours: first red, then green, and finally blue. In this way the swimmer knows how long the training will last. White light indicates rest periods.

The changing colours provide orientation and motivation.

4. Adjust swimming training from the pool with the Piezo control

Counter current swimming machine

The Piezo control offers ease of use. No one wants to get out of the pool to adjust the speed or duration of the training. That is where the Piezo control comes in. With one press of the button, the program starts at the desired swim speed. Would the swimmer like to try a higher or lower level? The buttons built into the pool can easily increase or decrease the flow. The machine remembers the speed at which the previous training ended.

Transform any swimming pool into a home fitness facility
With the powerful turbine, the customized and challenging swimming regime, the accompanying underwater lighting, and the convenient in-pool controls, you can turn any swimming pool into an exciting home fitness facility.

Questions or advice?

Would you like to know more about this EVA Optic Pool Experience? Or what we as EVA Optic can do for you? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our specialists will be glad to give you customized advice.