Discover the EVAstream Move

Movable and powered by a battery counter current pool machine

The ultimate wireless plug & play swimming machine.

Transform any ordinary swimming pool into a state-of-the-art training facility or personal fitness paradise. Enjoy the benefits of swimming in a standard 25-meter swimming pool right in your own backyard. Because the EVAstream Move operates on a battery, it can be used anywhere at any time. It provides the ultimate swimming experience without the need for a full-blown swimming pool renovation.

What distinguishes EVAStream (Move) from other swimming machines?

The EVAstream Move can be moved by one person, is easy to store, and can be quickly installed. The EVAstream is wireless and therefore does not require control-signal wiring near the pool. The turbine is powered by the battery, allowing you to swim at full speed for at least one hour. After that, the battery can be charged via a regular 230 V wall outlet.


In contrast to many other machines that rely on jet streams, the EVAstream Move makes use of turbine-driven technology. This natural water movement not only creates a peaceful and pleasant swimming environment, but it also minimizes annoying choppiness. In addition, EVAstream is designed to provide a smart flow of water aimed at the swimmer’s torso rather than the head.

This design ensures a pleasant swimming experience with ample breathing space and no annoying splashing around your face, even when swimming at high speeds.

Unique water flow

The wireless EVAstream Move stands out with its specially designed turbine having a restriction at the flow outlet. In spite of this seemingly minor adjustment, it boosts the flow significantly. The EVAstream move displaces 250 cubic meters of water per hour, thereby producing a flow of 6 meters per second. In comparison, a counter-current swimming machine with a straight turbine displaces the same amount of water but delivers a flow of only 3.5 meters per second.

Battery powered counter current swimming machine

Expanded swimming zone

Thanks to the water speed produced by the EVAstream, the flow is steady and extends further across the swimming pool. This significantly increases the effective swimming zone. By being able to swim further away from the EVAstream, there is more freedom of movement.

The battery

The safety of the Li-ion NMC 85 30Vdc60A in the EVAstream Move is of utmost importance and is central to its design. Li-ion (Lithium-ion) batteries are widely known for their high energy density and reliable performance.

Battery management
The EVAstream Move is equipped with an advanced battery management system (BMS). This system constantly monitors the battery status, such as its temperature and charge, imminent overloading, and excessive discharge.

Thermal protection
The battery features a thermal protection system that monitors the temperature. If the battery temperature becomes too high, the system will take measures to promote cooling and prevent overheating.

Battery capacity and durability
With a capacity of 85 amp-hours, the battery provides enough power for an hour of continuous use at full speed. This not only ensures a great user experience, but also extends battery life.

Charging options
The battery pack can be easily recharged via a standard 230V outlet, increasing its usability and flexibility.

Questions or advice?

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