LED linear lighting – De Sportwaard Zaltbommel

Unique white light lines for sports complex De Sportwaard

The De Sportwaard sports complex in Zaltbommel replaces the more than fifty-year-old Akomenarijn swimming pool and the forty-year-old De Ring sports hall. Architectural firm Slangen+Koenis has designed an interior for the swimming pool of De Sportwaard with a light, peaceful basis. With some accent colors here and there. In addition, wood is often used in the construction and ceiling finishes, which gives a very pleasant and warm atmosphere.

Challenging question
The architectural firm wanted to extend this atmosphere in the light lines. That is why Slangen+Koenis did not opt for the standard black or aluminum-coloured light lines, but asked us to produce our light lines in white. A great challenge for our engineering department. In this project we worked together with Hellebrekers.

Innovative design
The design of the light lines has been expertly adapted. The white light lines were installed in De Sportwaard in the summer of 2021. The installation was excellent and went smoothly. In addition to the unique color of the light lines, the interplay of lines designed by Slangen + Koenis is also innovative. The lines are not straight, but staggered on the slatted ceiling. Which gives a surprising and playful effect.

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