Subtropical wave pool Mirandabad – Amsterdam

De Mirandabad in Amsterdam-South offers a range of different pools, including a 25-metre pool, wave pool, slides, and steam and whirlpool baths. In addition, guests can enjoy the outdoor pools during the summer. De Mirandabad is mainly known for its subtropical wave pool, where you will quickly feel like you are at a sunny holiday resort thanks to the glass dome, waves and palm trees.

Colourful light show

“EVA’s LED lighting offers De Mirandabad the opportunity to illuminate the dome in such a spectacular way that this alone is worth a visit. In addition to the low-energy LED lighting, the design of EVA Optic’s products has also been an important factor in our choice. Because of EVA’s LED lighting, we have the opportunity to create any atmosphere that we would like for several target groups and events. In short: nice designs, low energy, good service, and this system offers us a lot of possibilities!”

Herman van Eykelenburg
Work planner RVE Sports and Forestry, Municipality of Amsterdam

In 2015, De Mirandabad in Amsterdam underwent a complete lighting metamorphosis. The beautiful subtropical facility is equipped with multi-coloured RGBW LED lighting by EVA Optic, which offers a colourful light show, both above and below the water! The most eye-catching feature of De Mirandabad is the enormous glass dome with a diameter of no less than 45 metres. In order to evenly illuminate the dome, 12 EVA Hydra HE LED spotlights were mounted on the steel frame. With these waterproof spotlights, the dome is beautifully illuminated in every imaginable colour. This impressive lighting effect is enhanced with multi-coloured EVA LED underwater lighting (type EVA A12 40W).

The lighting above and below the water is centrally controlled with the EVA ArchiTech EVO DMX controller in the swimming pool. With one press of a button, the colour of all lamps is changed simultaneously. With preprogramed scenes, complete light shows can be played, fully in sync with the activities in the swimming pool. This means that it is very easy to adjust the atmosphere to suit the public, and the facility can be used for a variety of purposes.

In the entrance, changing rooms, showers and lavatories, EVA Classic LED downlights type Aqua HE were used. Just like the EVA Hydra Aqua HE spotlights in the swimming pool, these recessed, ceiling-mounted downlights were specially developed for pool environments, where lighting demands are high. Chlorine, heat and humidity are determining factors for the durability of lighting. EVA Optic has developed a complete series of fixtures (the Aqua HE product line), especially for the demanding pool environment.

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