Asymmetrical line lighting – Stappegoor Tilburg

Stappegoor creates calm lighting scene for swimmers and supervisors with new asymmetrical line lighting

After years of service, the pool lighting at recreational pool Stappegoor in Tilburg was in need of replacement. “The fluorescent lighting was outdated and partially defective,” says Leo Lorijn of BetuwTech. “By replacing it, the pool owners wanted to create more light and a better light display.”

Succesfull pilot

“This was our first pilot project with the new asymmetrical light line,” adds Lorijn. “It all went well. You mount this light line the same as a normal light line, but you no longer have to use degree brackets. That makes for a more aesthetically and neat image, because the light lines all look identical. And at the same time, it makes installation easier. As an installation partner, we are delighted with this new light line!”

Optimal light image

BAM Bouw en Techniek – FM Services send out a tender and BetuwTech was announced as the winner. Lorijn: “Together with EVA Optic, we were able to offer and replace the lighting.” To create the desired light image, EVA Optic advised the application of its asymmetrical light line. “There are no more light fixtures hanging above the bath. Supervisors are not blinded across the pool. At the same time, it offers swimmers a calmer light image,” says Martijn van der Ziel of EVA Optic.

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