Train at a high level all year around – EVAstream

Sporty family chooses the EVAstream to train in their private swimming pool

The sporty De Jong family from Wageningen was looking for a small and compact swimming pool in which they can cool off in the summer and train at a high level all year round. For this, she approached swimming pool builder Aqua Unique, who delivered the new swimming pool in early 2021, with an integrated EVAstream swimming machine.

Swimming machine for sporty family

“The client belonged to the top of amateur water polo and is used to swimming a lot,” says Rosalie Verloop of Aqua Unique. “And the children are also fanatical about water polo. The family uses the swimming pool every day, even in winter. For sporty customers, such as this family, we recommend the EVAstream.”

Level training
For the De Jong family, this soon turned out to be appropriate advice. During the test swim in Aqua Unique’s demo pool, in which a different jet stream has been installed, it soon became apparent that this was too light for the family. “When someone can swim reasonably well or is strong, they quickly swim through the jet stream in our demo pool,” says Rosalie. “The powerful EVAstream is then a suitable alternative.”

Good investment
The de Jong family has been using the EVAstream for over half a year now and they are very satisfied. “I spend about 45 minutes in the pool every day to train,” says Bas de Jong. “The EVAstream has been a really good investment. It creates a countercurrent, which you can set yourself. This allows you to swim vigorously.”

Trying out?

Are you, like the De Jong family, looking for swimming training at the highest level in your swimming pool? Then we would like to invite you to come and experience the EVAstream without obligation.