Perfect lighting experience for Tennishal Sprokkelenburg in Laren

Athletes are very critical of light quality. Rightly so, because especially in ball sports, sports lighting is extremely decisive for perception during the game. The beautifully situated Tennishal Sprokkelenburg, founded in 1990, renovated its tennis accommodation in 2015. Simultaneously with the renovation, the lighting was replaced by EVAline LED linear lighting above the tennis courts, which ensures a perfect lighting experience.

Best lighting solution

“The great-looking, sleek EVA Optic LED line lighting is linked to our reservation system so that the light switches on automatically. The energy savings are therefore even greater than this LED lighting already yields. All tennis players are very satisfied with the beautiful even light distribution and the calm light image. Due to the narrow lines (10 cm wide), people are less likely to be dazzled and the ball is not easily hit against the light line. In short: beautiful, energy-saving, practical and the best light output for tennis courts available.”

Paul van Latum
Manager Sports hall Sprokkelenburg

Flicker-free lighting

EVAline sport is the best LED lighting solution for indoor sports facilities. The combination of high color fidelity (CRI) of LEDs, low glare factor (UGR <19, glare-free lighting) and the very low flicker index (flicker-free lighting) of EVA LED indoor sports lighting ensures a perfect light experience, which is essential for sports applications. Regular fixtures are not set up for this, the sport LED lighting fixtures from EVA Optic are.

High light intensity

In many cases, the EVA Optic LED lighting does not have to be placed above the playing field to achieve the desired lux values. Due to the high light intensity of the luminaires, it is often possible to position the continuous EVAline sport light lines next to the playing fields, also in Laren. The light lines are tilted 25 degrees, so that they illuminate the track evenly from the adjacent platform. The lines thus illuminate the entire field without dazzling the players.

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