Center Parcs – Subtropical water parks

A Center Parcs swimming pool is not just a pool, it is a subtropical water park. This is why Center Parcs calls its swimming pools Aqua Mundo. The subtropical Aqua Mundo pools are equipped with real vegetation and rocks and create a natural experience. In every subtropical water park by Center Parcs, people of all ages can have a great time. Every Aqua Mundo offers different experiences, such as a white-water course, a slide, rapids or a wave pool.

Exclusive supplier

EVA LED underwater lighting is known for its rock-solid product quality and high light output. Since 2011, EVA Optic has been the exclusive supplier of LED underwater lighting to the Groupe Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs in Europe. Currently, nearly all of the European subtropical swimming pools have been equipped with EVA LED underwater lighting.

Beautiful eye catcher

Underwater lighting is a beautiful eye catcher and enhances the allure of every water park or swimming pool. This is why EVA LED underwater lighting is perfect for Groupe Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs’ Aqua Mundo pools. The light beams radiate far and wide, a combination that ensures even lighting on the bottom of the swimming pools. This is an important tool for the Center Parcs’ lifeguards.

Center Parcs’ subtropical water parks have all been tastefully decorated with many plants and natural materials. The warm white colour of the underwater lighting enriches the vegetation’s green colours and therefore enhances the warm atmosphere of these water parks.

EVA Optic’s underwater lighting models have been tested against international safety standard IEC EN 60598-2-18. EVA’s underwater lights comply with all requirements, including water resistance, electrical safety, mechanical resistance, impact resistance, etc. EVA Optic is one of the few European manufacturers that has voluntarily had its lighting tested against this standard and therefore offers Center Parcs a safe lighting solution for all its European parks.

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