Aquatopia Aalst: a future-proof swimming pool with high-quality LED lighting

In Aalst, the second largest city in the Belgian province of East Flanders, Vita Groep is building a modern and future-proof urban swimming pool. “Our ambition is to realize buildings that will function for at least 40 years,” Vita Groep writes on its website.

Functional and durable

From the first design sketches, architectural firm Slangen + Koenis has taken into account the realization of a functional, easily exploitable and sustainable building. An important factor for its partner Hellebrekers, who will be responsible for the maintenance of all technical installations for 30 years after delivery.

To trust

Manager Erik Keyl of Hellebrekers explains: “Because we have been responsible for the techniques for 30 years, we choose products and companies that we are sure will serve us well for 30 years. We always choose EVA Optic for LED lighting in swimming halls, changing facilities and other wet areas. We are customers, but we see EVA Optic more as direct colleagues.”

Optimal light

This project is both new construction and renovation. The existing pool will be converted into a recreational and target group pool with over 220 meters of slides. New are the sports pool with Olympic dimensions, a diving tower and a 25x35m pool. “This sports pool is optimally lit with blank anodised linear lighting, RGBW underwater lighting, downlights and astro wall fixtures from EVA Optic,” says Keyl.

Aquatopia in use

On October 4, 2021, the first phase was completed and the new Aquatopia swimming pool complex opened its doors. Phase two will also be completed this year, with the recreational section and the target group pool also being put into use.

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