LED Pool Experience – AquaFun Den Bosch

AquaFun water park lives up to its name with a spectacular new ambience

AquaFun water park, located in Den Bosch’s Sportiom complex, is ready to reopen its doors after months of renovations. The result is astounding. The brown caves and inner tube slide are gone, replaced by two brand-new slides and a splash zone for the little ones — and the atmosphere is spectacular. All this in part thanks to the more than 200 coloured lights from EVA Optic, both above and below the surface of the water, that change in time to the music.

“Watch and listen”, Bob van Soest, regional manager of operator Sportfondsen Nederland, tells regional newspaper Brabants Dagblad, full of enthusiasm. He presses a button on the control panel, and the lights change from dark to bright flashes. A rumbling sounds from the speakers. There’s a thunderstorm on its way. And you can see it — on the screen, but also in the wave pool where the waves automatically start to roll. Bob easily switches over from the thunderstorm to a disco setting, with a matching light show and booming house beats. “I bet you could throw a pretty great party here, don’t you think?” he asks proudly.

Disco effect

The visitor experience formed the central theme of the project from the beginning. “The water park actually wanted lighting that moves, like in a discotheque,” lighting specialist Martijn van der Ziel from EVA Optic explains. “But, because of the swimming pool climate, such systems are not suitable for this type of application. That’s why we designed a post on which several Hydra spotlights were mounted so you can light different areas from one location and easily create different types of ambience.” Instead of moving heads, the lights switch on and off in turn, simulating a rotating movement. That’s how AquaFun achieved the desired disco effect with a unique lighting solution that will last for many years to come.

Unique total experience
“Just when you think your job can’t get any better, a project like this comes along and surpasses everything you’ve ever done,” project leader Leo Lorijn from Betuwtech says enthusiastically. “The attractions, the audio, the video images on the screen and the RGBW surface and underwater lighting all come together beautifully. That’s the total experience.”

Lightning-quick change in ambience
Every day, the ambience in the water park is regulated by a pre-programmed morning, afternoon and evening programme. The pool attendants can change the volume and the source (radio, computer or screen) of the music as desired. For special events, such as a film night, birthday party, or disco swimming event, one press of a button is enough to transform the entire pool into a completely different setting.

A refreshing finish
Lorijn celebrated the end of the project with a refreshing dip in the pool. “From the water, I looked around and was amazed once again at how beautifully everything came together. What a fantastic experience. For one brief moment, I felt young again.”

New possibilities
These new experience elements allow Sportiom to encourage new target audiences to visit AquaFun. “You can now also rent the water park for children’s parties and company outings,” Lorijn adds. “With one press of a button, the lighting starts to dance and you have Armin van Buuren deejaying on the screen.”

Safety measures
Besides an optimal customer experience, safety is another critical aspect that is amply addressed. Lorijn: “The RGBW lighting from EVA Optic is clear and promotes visibility, so supervisors can enjoy the bright colours while maintaining proper supervision over the pool and its surroundings. Betuwtech installed an emergency button as an additional safety measure; when pressed, all the lighting instantly changes to white. The screens and audio also automatically switch off when the button is activated.

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