Aging healthy together – EVAstream

Aging healthy together. This couple chose the EVAstream for this purpose

“I’ve always wanted a swimming pool,” says Mrs Praet-Rombouts. When she and her husband moved to Zierikzee, this wish became reality. She made the garden design herself, including a swimming pool of seven by three meters and an EVAstream. “We want to grow old healthy. We thought it’s now or never. If we wait longer, we don’t know how much longer we can enjoy it.”

Freedom of movement

“Our pool is really intended for exercise and maintenance of our muscles. That is why I started looking for a counter-current swimming machine”, says Mrs Praet-Rombouts. Partly because of the desired size of the swimming pool, the choice fell on the EVAstream. “We wanted more freedom of movement, so that you can swim further forward or back as desired.”

Test swim
On paper, the EVAstream immediately met all requirements. The swim machine could be placed in the 7×3 meter pool, it met the budget and offered challenging training programs to work towards their fitness goals. Nevertheless, the couple decided to be on the safe side and went for a test swim at Pomaz. “That was just as well!” says Mrs Praet-Rombouts with a laugh. “We wanted to go for the EVAstream Fit, but during the test swim it turned out that my husband could use a little more challenge. That is why we opted for the Pro variant.”

Training program
Since the installation of the swimming pool and the EVAstream by swimming pool and wellness specialist ZwemWell, Mrs and Mr Praet have been swimming at least five times a week. “When we get up in the morning, my husband goes swimming first. When he’s done, I’ll go after it. We both have our own training program, which we set via the online environment and start in the bath with the Piezo 3 button.”


Swimming with the training programs is bearing fruit, says Mrs Praet-Rombouts enthusiastically. “We have been using the EVAstream for three months now and I really notice a difference. Swimming is getting easier and I challenge myself by increasing the percentage of the countercurrent a little bit.” The owner also notices a difference outside the bath. “Yesterday I worked in the garden for a few hours. I dug trenches for wadis, which was quite a tough job. Normally I would be tired after that, but now I’m fine.”

When asked whether she would recommend the EVAstream, Mrs Praet-Rombouts replies: “Absolutely! We like it very much and it works well. The grandchildren also enjoy it. When they come, we put the EVAstream on a soft setting. It really is an experience!”

Trying out?

Are you curious whether the EVAstream is also something for you? Then make an appointment for a test swim session via your swimming pool builder. And experience the fun and power of the EVAstream for yourself.